EE 448L: Communication Electronics
Analysis, design, and experimental evaluation of transistor-level communication circuits and micro-systems. Transmission lines, impedance matching, noise, distortion, tuned amplifiers, mixers, oscillators, phase-locked loops.

EE 505: Analog, Mixed-Signal, and RF Integrated-Circuit Tape-Out
Complete systematic tape-out flow including schematic design, simulation, layout, and post-layout verification of analog, mixed-signal, or radio-frequency integrated circuits.

EE 536a: Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design
MOSFET operation and models; elementary amplifier configurations; biasing and references; frequency response; noise; feedback; operational amplifiers; frequency compensation; non-linearity and mismatch; passive and active filters.

EE 632: Integrated Communication Systems
Analysis and design of high-speed integrated communication systems at circuit and system levels. Emphasis on broadband wireless applications. Transceiver architectures, amplifiers, oscillators, frequency synthesizers.

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